Stretch Tension Fabric Triangle Tower Counter

triangle counter unit with shelving

Stretch Tension Fabric Triangle Tower Counter

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Product details

General description

The stretch Triangle tower is a brilliant portable display which is easy to set up and disassemble. The counter incorporates 4 shelves which can be used to display your products. The tension fabric graphic incorporates a rear zipper to utilize the internal stand space for additional storage.


  • 25.4’’ W x 78.7’’ H x 24.4’’ D
  • 4 shelves and counter surface
  • 10.75’’ height from the base to the first shelf, 10.75’’ from the first shelf to the second 9.25’’ from the second shelf to the third and 8.75’’ from the third shelf to the fourth.
  • The shelves are 20’’ at its widest point and 18’’ at the centre point.