Custom Displays

Stock sizes are not for everybody!

When designing exhibition stands people will often run into the barrier of having a space that will not quite fit a stock pop up out display or one that will fit in a pop up but leave gaps of wasted space ( which you have paid top dollar for! ) either side of your exhibition stand. Even if your stand can fit a stock sized pop up in perfectly , what about the space above it ? Most pop ups are designed to be around 2.3 metres high ( general shell scheme height) . People often forget that stands are usually allowed to go to around 3.5 to 4 metres in major U.K. exhibition halls before they must going to the expense of having a structural engineer test how secure the stand is. That said no one exploits this useful height above there stand to get above the competition in a very crowded environment.


At stretch graphics we do not believe in wasting useful advertising space! We can make your tension fabric stand any size to meet your specific requirements. We are also able to produce different shapes to the conventional straight or curved displays!

Whether it be a change in size, shape , angle or if you have an idea for something totally different let us know! 

Contact our team with your requests on Or call on 01905 745 475