Stretch Comet 10ft (3m) Exhibition package

Stretch Comet 10ft (3m) Exhibition package

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General Description

The 10ft ( 3 m) Stretch Comet display package is a light weight , portable and sturdy package. It boasts two seamless virtually wrinkle free pillowcase mounted graphic that are tensioned by a industrial zip. A free standing tension banner stand and stretch oval counter.

Assembly of the Stretch display takes minutes with the simple aluminium push rod frame system. Each frame section is connected with internal bungee cords making it impossible to lose any sections or set them up incorrectly. Simply connect the aluminium tubes by matching the shapes and pressing the push pin to lock the pieces together.

When it comes to packing away your tension fabric display simply unzip your pillow case style graphic and place it into the graphic bag provided. Then unlock the aluminium framework and place it in the heavy duty "sports holdall" style case along with the graphic bag.

  • Double sided print 
  • Ultra bright LED lighting kit 


2 x stretch 2000I panels ( each panel when assembled - 144.8cm W x 327.9cm H )
2 x Plastic panel joining clips.
3 x aluminium feet ( 2 x single 1 x double )
1 x Stretch tension banner stand ( choose between Curve, straight and angle )
1 x stretch oval counter

Heavy duty "sports holdall" style carry case
  • 17.5'' W x 32.5'' H x 14'' D
  • Closes with zipper

Lights ( set of 2 ultra bright lights )
  • Two 50W LED lights
  • 12' cord
  • Clamps to attach to display 
  • Moulded soft carry case with shoulder strap